Case Studies

Case studies are a few examples taken from our huge range of successfully completed projects. They show the breadth and variety of applications for our products and act as kick-off points to show where we can help with new ideas and projects. They also indicate where we already have experience with the complex technical requirements and specifications for demanding power supply systems.

Auxiliary Supply For EV Charger

EV Charging Station

Handling High Voltages in E-Mobility

EV Traction Battery Tester

Light Rail Gets A Go-Ahead

Railway Power Supply For Rail Crossing Signal

Modular Industrial Robot

Power Supply Systems For Robot

More Power for Rail Computing

On-Board Computer for Transportation

Portable UAV Charger

Drone Battery Charger / Drone Charging Station

Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

PoE Power Supply

RF Surgical System

Silent Surgery

Secure Breathing


Secure Riding on a Trip

Railway Radio Communication System

Solar Power Distribution System

Smart Grid Solutions

Universal Power For Highly Flexible Train Displays

Passenger Information Displays

Warehouse Transport System

Early power decision gives competitive advantage

Your Customised Converter Even At Low Quantities

Train Brake System