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Semi Custom Power Supplies: Build or buy?

This whitepaper seeks to enable engineers to make the most informed decision when answering the "Build or buy?" question.

Design Considerations for high-power AC/DC Power Supplies

Learn the key considerations for power solutions in heavy automation for next-generation robotics and e-mobility systems.

SMD Technologies used in DC/DC Converters

This whitepaper shows the main reasons why our customers are increasingly requesting SMD pinned parts.

Psi vs Theta

This whitepaper describes how the maximum operating temperature of a converter can be determined and explains the difference between thermal impedance (Theta) and the thermal characterisation figure (Psi).

Challenges in the design of higher voltage DC/DC switching Regulators

This whitepaper explores some of the design and component choice decisions from RPMH and RPMB required to cope with higher input voltages up to 36VDC or 65VDC respectively and higher outputs up to 24VDC and 3A load current.

How to make a 10kW bidirectional AC/DC Converter

This whitepaper starts with who needs a high power bidirectional AC/DC converter and follow that ups with what recent developments have occurred that makes such designs commercially more viable, before going into any further details.

DC/DC Converters with 20kVDC Isolation

This whitepaper discusses the applications and hazards of using high DC voltages and explains how high isolation DC/DC converters can be used to enhance safety.

Specifying line inductors for power converter noise filters

The performance over the full frequency range can vary significantly between different component suppliers for parts with the same nominal characteristics. The variation in inductor performance is examined in this whitepaper.

Modification Instruction R-Ref01-HB

This whitepaper shares the modification introduction for R-Ref01-HB. You can use the same DC/DC converter to generate a single ended 18V supply with some minor modifications to the board.

Designing Robust Transistor Circuits with IGBTs and SIC MOSFETs

This whitepaper shares some design guidelines and advice on how to reduce failure causes and simplify the design - with application examples for a better comprehension.

Isolated DC/DC Converters

Our whitepaper shows the concepts and components to create the desired isolation in DC/DC converters, which are used in critical applications, where a higher level of isolation and therefore a higher level of safety is indispensable.

High Power DC/DC LED Applications

What we want to show in this whitepaper is how constant current sources are used to keep the brightness of all single LEDs in a LED system on the same level.

Power Supplies meets EMC

In this whitepaper we give a short introduction to basic EMC knowledge and which EMC considerations are key in designing power supplies. The shown EMC tests can trace the most common failure causes.

DC/DC Converters for GaN Gate Drivers

This whitepaper shows how the usage of DC/DC converters with low leakage capacitance and compliance with design guidelines eliminate these causes of failure and simplify the design.