• Modular inverters from 200W up to 5kW
  • Designed for ground mobile, railway or industrial automation use
  • Input: 12/24VDC or up to 110VDC
  • Output: single or three phase synthetic sine wave
  • High efficiency
Depending on application, inverter families generate single-phase or multiphase output voltage or current. These robust solutions are ideal for any type of mobile or stationary application requiring an alternating current supply where only direct current is available.

The core of the converter consists of a static DC-AC converter designed for continuous operation with high efficiency. The frequency and voltage-adjustable output is galvanically isolated as a single-phase or three-phase voltage supply from DC batteries supplying anything from 12 or 24V up to 110V or higher intermediate circuit voltages ranging from 220 to 1,100V DC as well as EV batteries. The PURE SINE WAVE output is digitally controlled, short-circuit proof, and highly overloadable.

In mechanical terms, the solutions are available for 19” rack, open frame or chassis assembly and can be modified to customer specification and application. The following designs are intentionally developed as platform solutions, which enable RECOM to modify fast, easily and cost efficient these solutions to different customer needs.
Series Type Description
Railway Inverter Power 240W, Vin 24-48-72-110VDC, Vout 48VDC: 50-156VAC / 24-72-110VDC: 200-240VAC
Marine Inverter Power 1200VAC, Vin 48VDC±10%, Vout 3x 115VAC/400Hz (3AC)
Attributes Inverters
Power (W) 200 - 9000W
Isolation Isolated
Nr. of Outputs Single
Vin (V) 24V…110VDC
200 - 2500VDC
Vout (V) 1AC or 3AC
fout (Hz) sinusoidal
Distortion Factor <=2% with linear load
<=5% with non linear
load according to EN 50091-1
Connection Screw Terminals, Cage Clamps
others on request
Mechanical style Open frame
Chassis mounting, enclosed
19"-Rack style
Certifications CE, EN 55024, EN 55032, EN 62368-1, UL 60950-1, EN50155
MIN Operating Temp (°C) -40.0
MAX Operating Temp (°C) 70.0 / 85.0
Protections OCP, OTP, OVP, SCP
Overload behaviour 2.0 x Inom for 4 sec.
1.2 x Inom for 60 sec, then switch off
Directives REACH, RoHS 2+ (10/10), WEEE
Warranty 3 Years
Regulation Regulated
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