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Наша штаб-квартира расположена в самом сердце Европы, в живописном городе Гмунден, в окружении австрийских Альп. В этом вдохновляющем месте инженеры компании RECOM разрабатывают новые идеи и инновации для стандартных и специализированных преобразователей электропитания, а также новые топологии делая их еще более эффективными и надежными, продвигая концепцию модульной децентрализованной архитектуры электропитания. Продукция RECOM доказала свою успешность во всех областях электроники - от промышленной автоматизации и энергетики до электротранспорта, от аппаратуры измерений и железнодорожных технологий до медицины, интернета вещей и автомобилестроения. Три основных столпа нашего успеха: инновационные продукты, надежная поддержка клиентов и обширная глобальная дистрибьюторская сеть, позволяющая нашим заказчикам по всему миру получить преобразователи RECOM менее чем за 48 часов, обеспечивая идеальные решения в области электропитания и лучшую поддержка в как поставщика услуг.


Выпустить источники питания, которые станут важной и эффективной частью широкого спектра приложений по управлению питанием, тем самым укрепляя существующие технологии, а также новейшие, которые получат распространение в будущем.


Упростить и ускорить процесс разработки источников питания для новых приложений для обеспечения индивидуального профессионального развития.

RECOM 1-stop shop for power solutions

Modern electronic equipment requires careful design of its power architecture to optimize cost, efficiency, and size. In a product, it is usual to see one or more AC/DC power supplies followed by DC/DC isolated bus converters and then switching regulators as Point-of-Load converters. There might also be isolated DC/DCs to provide auxiliary voltage rails of different polarities and combinations, often to power isolated communications or sensor interfaces.

Procuring all these different converters from different sources is a risk; however, there is no guarantee of compatibility between parts. Additionally, if the system does not work as expected, different suppliers may claim that the other suppliers are to blame. An example of this is an EMC fail report where individual parts may comply with the standards on paper under set conditions, but when coupled with other converters under real-life conditions, statutory limits for conducted or radiated emissions are exceeded. Other compatibility issues can arise from instability introduced when driving one switching converter from another. Differences in product data sheet measurement methods, such as temperature rise, can also lead to confusion. For example, definitions of ambient temperature and where it is measured can vary between suppliers.

The solution to all this is to use RECOM for all your power conversion needs. We will support you from initial system design and selection from our vast array of products, from debugging to assistance with EMC qualification of your end product.

RECOM offers a 1-stop shop with over 30,000 product types available

AC/DC power supplies

Available from RECOM cover all common supply voltages up to 528V AC and in power ratings from 1W to tens of kW. Formats include ruggedized encapsulated, PCB, wired and chassis mount, low-cost open frame, DIN rail and more. All common output voltages are available and international EMC and safety standards are met, including medical, industrial, test and household, depending on the model.

DC/DC converters

Unregulated or regulated from 0.5W to 240W, with standard, wide or ultra-wide input ranges. Products are available in encapsulated/molded or open frame in SIP/DIP formats. Outputs range from 3.3 to 54V DC with up to 20kV isolation. Full protection is included along with certification to medical, industrial, test, and household standards, depending on the model.

Switching Regulators

Non-isolated DC/DC converters in open frame, encapsulated/molded, SIP and DIP formats with fixed and adjustable outputs from 0.9 to 24V DC, rated from 0.5 to 50A at up to 99% efficiency. Market-leading power density and ultra-low profiles are featured with certifications for medical, industrial and automotive applications, depending on model.

Full- and semi-custom products

Available from RECOM sister-company PCS who specialize in high-power AC/DCs, DC/DCs, battery chargers, inverters and power factor correction units. Products can be certified for high-reliability applications such as military, railways, and industrial.

Having a single system power supply that generates all of the voltages needed in a product is now an outdated concept due to the increasingly tight specifications for critical power rails and the need to maximize efficiency while minimizing cost and size. This has pushed system designers towards the Distributed Power Architecture (DPA) approach, where typically an optimized AC/DC converter with integrated power factor correction generates a common bus voltage, perhaps 12V or 48V, or even 400V in data centers, allowing power to be distributed at lower currents with fewer consequent resistive losses. Downstream DC/DC converters may drop the voltage to a lower-level bus and then Point of Load (PoL) converters provide high current rails close to the loads, for best static and dynamic regulation. The DPA approach optimizes efficiency, spreads the heat load and is very flexible, allowing relatively easy upgrades, re-configuration, and isolation of different parts of a system. Costs can be lower, as standard modules can be utilized with their specifications chosen to meet the exact requirements.
However, problems can arise when system modules are procured from different sources, even if they are reputable. Products are characterized in their data sheets under specific conditions and are often different from each other. Temperature rating is a good example—many parts are characterized for a maximum hot-spot temperature on their case, others limit ambient temperature measured at an arbitrary distance from the converter. Orientation of converters during derating characterization can be different, with some measured on a horizontal PCB, some with the PCB vertical.

EMC performance can also be problematic with suppliers forced to assume external conditions such as supply impedance when measuring conducted and radiated emissions. Converters can also interact with each other through coupling of noise along connections and magnetically, which will vary, depending on product orientation.

Technical support

All RECOM products are backed up by a global network of offices, distributors, and agents with application engineers who can assist at any stage of design-in with expertise, samples and evaluation boards. State-of-the-art test facilities are available for customer support in system debugging and EMC pre-compliance testing.

On-board filters that make an individual part compliant with an EMI specification may combine with filters in other products to even make overall EMI worse, due to unintended resonances and consequent voltage ‘peaking’.

A particularly insidious interaction is when a regulated switched mode converter is fed from the output of another. For constant efficiency and output load, input power to a regulated switching converter is constant, so if the input voltage increases, the current decreases, appearing as a negative resistance. An upstream regulated converter will be characterized for a typical positive resistive and perhaps capacitive load, but may become unstable with a negative resistance load. Similarly, a positive voltage transient from the upstream converter will cause a reducing current in the following converter, which can cause the control loop of the first converter to push the voltage still higher, amplifying the original effect, perhaps to damaging levels.

Parts interacting in these ways are not necessarily faulty, but the individual suppliers may be reluctant to try to fix a problem if they see that other suppliers are involved. For this reason, it is advisable to procure parts from one trusted source who will take responsibility for all of the supplied parts working together as intended. It is not guaranteed that will never be a compatibility problem with every combination of product, but a supplier such as RECOM has the resources to assist with the initial system specification, selection of appropriate modules, and identification and resolution of any difficulties. For example, RECOM offers a range of filter components that have been evaluated with power conversion products that can be assembled to evaluation boards to check for overall system EMI performance. EMC test facilities are also available for RECOM customers to debug system issues and do pre-compliance testing.