Power products designed to fit your specifications

RECOM is renowned for an exceptionally wide range of cost-effective standard products available globally. Additionally, we invite inquiries for full- or semi-custom designs made to fit your specifications. All power levels can be considered, right from sub-1W to kilowatts for any application–industrial, medical, energy, aerospace, rail, or military COTS. Customizable product types include AC/DCs, DC/DCs, battery chargers/conditioners, inverters, PFC front ends, and much more. Your special requirement may also be met by modifying a standard product while retaining its existing safety certification, providing you with a very economical, simple, and quick solution. In the past, RECOM has modified many standard production parts as per particular customer specifications; we might hence already have the part you need in our design library.

RECOM has design teams in Austria, Italy, China, and Taiwan, who design with the latest technologies, using state-of-the-art CAD tools for circuit emulation and thermal simulation. In-house EMC test facilities can confirm compliance with international standards and our experienced R&D engineers ensure that the designs fully meet the application requirements. Third-party safety agency and EMC certificates can be arranged for any custom design.

RECOM recommends that you discuss your power converter requirements with us before drawing up a final specification. This will ensure that the proposed product can be made most cost-effectively and designed, built, and certified in the fastest timescale. For example, matching a new design BoM to the RECOM manufacturing technology database will enable the use of common components that are always kept in stock, resulting in the most economical custom product.

Customized power from RECOM

Power converters designed to your individual specification – modified-standard, full-custom or semi-custom

RECOM offers a vast range of standard products at competitive prices with global availability; however, if you need an individual power converter with a unique specification, we offer a comprehensive design and manufacturing service. If you need a converter with an unusual shape, to work in a particular operating environment, to be plug-n-play with your existing connector format, or to have a special electrical specification, we can handle it, from concept and design through volume production. The final product may be a full-custom or a semi-custom converter based on an existing design, or for a quick and economical solution, a modified-standard product.


  • Built to your specification
  • From concept to production
  • Any shape, size or colour
  • Meets safety & EMC standards
Full customs can be designed from sub-1W to kilowatts by our engineering teams in Austria, Italy, Taiwan, and China, depending on the individual specification. RECOM’s sister company PCS in Italy has particular expertise in custom high-power single- and three-phase AC/DCs, DC/DCs, battery chargers/conditioners, PFC front ends, and inverters. These can be designed for any particular market—industrial, medical, energy, aerospace, rail, and military COTS. State-of-the-art design techniques are used for high power density and high efficiency, with the lowest cost. Safety certification can be arranged to meet all the common standards. EMC compliance can also be realized with the pre-compliance testing performed using our in-house test chambers, and we can arrange for a third-party EMC certification.


  • Based on proven designs
  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Lower cost than a full custom
  • Uses existing infrastructure
Often, a customer specification can be met using an existing ‘platform’ design that has the advantage of proven performance and reliability in the field. This is a more economical approach than a full custom, and product safety assurance and EMC certification are simplified, reducing the risk and accelerating the time to the market. Existing in-house stock components, tooling, and manufacturing processes may be used, resulting in a cost-effective product.


  • Standard designs, fine tuned
  • Certifications remain valid
  • Lowest cost and fastest TTM
  • Uses existing supply chain
Do you sometimes look at a datasheet and think, ‘If only this one specification were changed, it would be ideal’? RECOM and PCS have a large range of standard products that can often be easily modified to accommodate simple customer requests, such as a change to the output voltage, pinout, or encapsulation material. In many cases, existing certifications for safety and EMC remain valid, saving significant costs and time. RECOM has manufactured many ‘modified standards’ in the past; so, we might already have met your particular requirements.


For any type of full-custom design, we recommend that you consult RECOM at an early stage, so we can assist with the preliminary specifications. This ensures that the product is designed, manufactured, tested, and certified with minimum risk in the shortest timeframe. The cost of the production parts can also be minimized by discussing the project in advance with RECOM, to ensure that the design, its components, and assembly techniques are compatible with our internal standards and automated processes. Come, let’s discuss your requirements and how RECOM can add value to your product with our custom design expertise!