Industrial Power Conversion Products

Automation in industry is only effective if power is continuously available and battery backup is increasingly used to ensure this. Associated battery chargers and line conditioning products form a vital part of this function and must be highly reliable in themselves. RECOM and its subsidiary Power Control Systems as specialist for customised solutions, offers single- and three-phase battery chargers with output power ratings of 3.2kW up to 11kW and even higher with cascaded products. Battery conditioning functions can be included and standalone power factor correction ‘front ends‘ are available up to 4kW rating. Some parts are bi-directional for charge balancing. The following designs are intentionally developed as platform solutions, which enable RECOM to modify fast, easily and cost efficient these solutions to different customer needs.

AC Input Battery Chargers, Conditioners, Balancers and PFC Front Ends

Three-phase AC input battery chargers are available from RECOM Systems with ratings at 3.2kW (SA3200 series) and 5kW (SA5000 series) which can be cascaded up to 20kW. The SA3200 series also operates with DC inputs up to 800V. Outputs from both series are available suitable for 24Vnom up to 110Vnom (and all in between 36/48/72/96) Chargers/conditioners are also offered at 2kW single-phase AC (MA2000 series) and 11kW three-phase AC (MA11000 series). These products can be programmed to charge and discharge batteries for test and conditioning for optimum battery life-time and availability. Both series can operate with a very wide range of battery voltages. The SAB10000 series provides 10kW of battery charging from three-phase AC (20VDC output) or 600VDC nominal input (24VDC output) but is also bi-directional so that battery charge can be returned to the AC, or optionally DC supply for energy balancing applications.

Modular stand-alone power factor correction ‘front ends’ are available at 800W, 1600W and 3200W (single phase AC input) and at 4kW (three-phase AC input). Products are available in 19“ rack, open frame or chassis formats, or to customer specification.
Series Type Description
Bidirectional Battery balancer Power 11kW, Input Voltage Range 180-480V3AC, Output Voltage Discharge 4-300VDC
Bidirectional Battery balancer Power 1.4-2kW, Input Voltage Range 90-264VAC / 3-120VDC, Output Voltage Discharge 2-120VDC
PFC Front-end unit Power 1600W, Vin 2301AC, Vout 360VDC
PFC Front-end unit Power 3200W, Vin 230V1AC, Vout 365VDC
PFC Front-end unit Power 4000W, Vin 2301AC, Vout 360VDC
PFC Front-end unit Power 800W, Vin 2301AC, Vout 365VDC
Cascadable Battery charger Power 3200W, Vin 400V3AC or 700VDC, Vout 24-110V
Cascadable Battery charger Output Power 5kW, Vin 360-440VAC 3 Phases 3 wires RST, Vout 39.5-58VDC
Battery conditioner Power 10kW, Vin 340-470VAC / 520-700VDC, Vout 20VDC/24VDC

DC Input Power Supplies for Traction Battery Applications

In industry, fork-lift trucks and other materials handling equipment often use traction batteries rated from 320V to 600V. The SD4000 series of on-board power supplies generate optionally 24V or 48V from the high voltage battery and are rated at 4kW with high efficiency. The 19“ rack product can be baseplate- or liquid-cooled.
Series Type Description
Cascadable PSU Power 4kW, Vin 320/450/600VDC, Vout 24-110V
  Series Power (W) Vin (V) Nr. of Outputs Vout 1 (V) Mounting Type
1 DC/DC, 500.0 W, Single Output, Connector RMOD500-W Series
500.0 32.0 - 96.0 Single 11.7 - 24.5 Connector