‘R4’ or “RECOM for ALL”

Since 1988 with the launch of its first DC/DC converter, RECOM has developed a huge range of power conversion products for almost any application. You can now truly choose ‘R4’ or ‘RECOM for…’ power products meeting the requirements for household through industrial, transport, mobility, medical, home/office and industrial automation, test and measurement and now custom designs through sister company PCS. Formats include traditional through-hole, leaded and leadless SMD with internal construction technologies including flip-chip on leadframe, chiplet, chip-and-wire bond, multilayer PCBs, planar and conventional transformers and substrate-embedded ICs. R4 or ‘3D power packaging®’ is now a byword in the industry, with latest circuit and packaging technology enabling class leading power density in isolated AC/DC and DC/DC converters along with non-isolated switching regulators. Whatever your power conversion requirements think - R4

R4 - Mobility

Railway applications, EVs, disability scooters and many small vehicles need on- and off-board power converters for powering electronic equipment and battery charging. The environment is often harsh but RECOM DC/DC and AC/DC converters are perfect for the application, with a wide range of high-specification standard parts and the possibility of custom designs from RECOM sister company PCS.

R4 - Industry

Industrial applications have long been RECOM’s core strength with a vast range of rugged single- and three-phase AC/DC power supplies, along with isolated DC/DC converters and non-isolated switching regulators. Operating temperatures are wide and efficiencies are high for reliable solutions at an attractive cost.

R4 - Medical

AC/DC and DC/DC converters for medical applications have to meet enhanced specifications for operator and patient safety. RECOM’s range of medical products are fully certified up to 2MOOPs and have low leakage current ratings for the most sensitive patient-connect applications as well as for home healthcare and lab environments.

R4 -Test & Measurement

T&M is a wide application area and RECOM products can be found throughout. Products provide AC/DC conversion and auxiliary DC/DC conversion for generation of local supply rails, to provide ground isolation for sensitive measurement circuitry and for communication bus power isolation.

R4 - Automation

Automation in industry, in the home and the Internet of Things (IoT) are well served by RECOM products with a range of high and low-power power converters matching the requirements for high efficiency, low standby current, small size and cost effective.

R4 - Cost Effective

Low unit and lifetime cost are priorities for RECOM, with the benefits of production in low-cost areas and economy of scale passed on customers. High, proven reliability of RECOM products also ensures ‘fit-and-forget’ integration into customers products for low lifetime cost.

R4 -High Power Density

Modern electronics demands more power in less volume and RECOM is pioneering high power density advances in its ‘3D Power Packaging’ program. Full-function switching regulators and isolated DC/DC converters are now available in micro-miniature formats using a variety of advanced packaging techniques and circuit designs.

R4 - Gate Drivers

The simplest (functional) isolation of a DC/DC converter can withstand 1kVDC for one second, however this is often not sufficient for high-side gate drivers. RECOM combines the required high insulation voltage, asymmetric output voltages, and low isolation capacitance into one simple DC/DC module.

Selection Guide

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