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Power Control Systems SrL是一家专业的电源制造商,在高可靠性和恶劣环境应用方面可以提供领先技术的产品。典型产品包括通常用于电池充电/平衡应用中,输出电流高达400V/500A的大功率AC/DC和DC/DC转换器、高AC输出的逆变器、AC转换为高压DC并进行功率因数校正的PFC“前端”,以及双向电源,通常用于电池充电器以将剩余电能返回电网。


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About us - Power Control Systems and RECOM

In 2019, RECOM acquired Italian power specialist “Power Control Systems Srl” (PCS).

PCS was founded in 1980. It is located in a modern 4.500m2 R&D and production facility in San Vendemiano, northern Italy. Focusing on quality and highly reliable products, PCS is an expert in the field of high-power supplies.

Traditionally, PCS has had a strong presence in Italy and France, with a major footprint in the railway market serving all big players. In addition, PCS serves other industries including naval, avionics, telecom, industrial, military, and medical. The acquisition of PCS fits perfectly in RECOM’s strategy of becoming a full-range service provider for power supplies, capable of providing power solutions in the AC/DC and DC/DC market for any application, from low power to high power, from standard to custom.

RECOM’s strong international market presence has already led to a massive expansion of PCS’s business within a short period.

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However, with over 3,000 designs into the DACH region, requests from emerging markets, such as e-mobility and energy storage, and the US, India, and China, burdened PCS. As a result, it could not serve before the merge.

Currently, products successfully developed by PCS include converters, inverters, battery chargers, bi-directional converters, PFC front-ends, and boosters for hydrogen applications going up in power to 75 KW, and special application products for rugged vehicles.

As a member of the RECOM family, PCS is now supported by a global network of distributors and representatives. Full details of products and capabilities can be seen on the RECOM website.